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Robed In Zeal.jpg

by Zane P. Meyer

God has burdened my heart to start ROBED IN ZEAL to help challenge and encourage fellow believers to deny the flesh, follow Him, grow spiritually, and to serve Him with all their heart so that an impact would be made for the Kingdom of God!

Building with Christ.jpg

by Nathan Rose

My name is Nathan Rose. My lovely wife Amber and I married back in 2019 and we have been striving to build a life with Christ as the focal point. I'm writing this blog to encourage others to make Christ the focal point of their life.

Choosing Joy Daily.jpg

by Amanda Meyer

Am I happy every day? No. But do I claim joy? Yes! My joy is found in Jesus Christ my Saviour. Being a follower of Christ does not mean I have it easy and life is a breeze. I have struggles just like any other human does, but I choose to seek joy with everything life throws at me. Because I have Jesus within me to guide my way and help me in every situation.

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