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Pastor Vernon "Chip" & Crystal Rose

  Hello, my name is Vernon “Chip” Rose and I’m the Pastor of Metropolitan Baptist church.

  I received Christ as my personal Savior on September 8th, 1985 at Polemic Run Baptist church, in Sutton, W.V., where I attended church for many years. It was there at Polemic Run that I surrendered to preach God’s Word on April 7, 1991, after struggling for some time over the call God had placed on my life. The ministry God called me to has been layer upon layer of different experiences, all adding tools to my toolbox and equipping me for this present ministry.

  I started out preaching anywhere I could get the opportunity, churches that would ask me to fill the pulpit for a service, nursing homes, senior citizen group homes, street corners, and even the National Guard Armory on drill dates for my unit where I served for 6 years. 

  I then began preaching for our children in Jr church at Elmira Baptist church in Servia, W.V. From there I began going to the jails and juvenile centers to help other preachers, then I surrendered to go into full time ministry in the jails and juvenile centers as a missionary. After 18 years as a missionary God has called me to pastor Metropolitan Baptist church where I have been a member for 7 years. The call of God brought me to the Wheeling, W.V. area many years ago to minister to the jail and prison inmates and juvenile center residents.

  For many years myself, and my family at times, would travel here on a biweekly basis to preach and teach classes in the facilities for a week then go home for a week and then do it all over again the next week. Then after a long struggle to leave my home of 45 plus years we moved to Bethlehem in the Wheeling area and have live there for the past 7 years until I began pastoring a few months ago around November 2019 we moved to South Wheeling WV.

                        -Vernon "Chip" Rose

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