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"So Bored That I Don't Wanna Do Anything."

Being shut in your house for days on end, isn't fun. Unless you make it that way. There have been several days that I have just sat on my blue plaid love seat and did nothing at all. Like the gif to the left, I was so bored that I didn't want to do anything.

But day after day of that, I started feeling stiff, sore and overly tired. Not to mention my mind spinning into an endless void of commotion and chaos. It just wasn't healthy. For me or my mind. So, yesterday I was determined to spend my next day doing things around the house. My Mother and I made lists of things that we wanted to get done around here. Before I went to bed last night, I informed my lovely Mother that we were hanging up pictures tomorrow. We moved into this big house last November and still have so much to unpack. So why not take this time and do that. Nothing else to do, right?

Around 9:00 AM, I was abruptly awakened by our dog, Draco. Licking my face and telling me to get up by nosing my back until I moved. To be honest, that's the earliest I've gotten up in over a week. Thank you, Draco! He helped me get up and start my day earlier than normal. Once I had breakfast, Mom and I began our productive day. We broke out our Cricket and cut out the word 'Family' to put in the center of our collage of family portraits. After that, we put up a lot of pictures, cleaned and semi rearranged the living room, hung a coat wrack up, unpacked a couple boxes, laughed at each other for kicking the same piece of wood (that should have been picked up after Mom kicked it).

We accomplished a lot and I'm very happy with it. When Dad came inside after working in the garage, he said it looked more homey and bright. That was exactly our goal and we did it! With stubbed toes and smashed fingers from hammers to boot.

At one point Mom looked at me and said "Its good to see you smiley and laughing, you didn't do much of that yesterday." It was because I wasn't doing anything, wasn't keeping busy, keeping my schedule the same, keeping my mind busy. Yes, we should keep up to date with what is going on...but there's no need to dwell on it and make yourself sick over it.

Today was very enjoyable! So I encourage you to do the same. If you're just sitting around being a bump on a log and not doing anything but dwell on everything that's going on... Get up. Maybe if you're like me...get up and shower first thing. Then get up and maybe take a walk. Clean one area of your home. Put a puzzle together. Just get up and do at least one thing that makes you feel like you've accomplished something throughout your day. Instead of being that bump on a log. You'd be amazed how much better you'll feel with that one small change in your day.

I know its a simple challenge, but I know how I am when there is stress and anxiety in my life. So don't let it rule you, get up and enjoy your day. But most of all be thankful for what you have and what you're still able to do in this time. We may be in our homes and not able to go anywhere, but we are blessed with so much.

So, get something...and be thankful for something today.

-Amanda R. Rose

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